1991 Steve Potts Cross Country Racer
1991 Steve Potts Cross Country Racer
1987 Fat City Cycle Wicked Fat Chance
1987 Fat City Cycle Wicked Fat Chance
Steve Potts Barry Carney Racer v2
Steve Potts Barry Carney Racer v2

The Ritchey Week

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This site is to share a passion for the most inspiring decade of mountain bike history,  from mid 80ies to 1996. In these years, mountain biking turned from Underground to Olympia and cult garage brands became professional manufactures famous around the globe, from American and Breezer and to Yeti and Zinc.

The aim of this website is to document every bike of my collection and former ones since every bike has it's own special history. 

Since there is a very frequent exchange of collectors around the globe, this website features other collectors and their bikes.

Our goal is to continue the journey and history of these glorious mountain bikes, were we found it, how we identified the model, year and more history, document our discussions with the seller, contact attempts to the original owner, discovery of frame details as well as orientation and part search on catalogues and magazines to finally built and ride all of them.

We hope you enjoy the read and feel free to get in touch when questions and comments.

And if this motivates new collectors to keep these bikes alive, we all won and are happy to help.


Personal note: this is the hobby of all of us, there is no commercial aspects behind it, simply passion, mechanics, design and sports, all non profit activities! 


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    David (Thursday, 16 January 2020 23:13)

    Campagnolo BMX pedals

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    Regan @retromtbofficial (Monday, 07 January 2019 20:56)

    This is great to see you are documenting your beautiful collection.

    I look forward to seeing more entries.

    I have a lot of love, respect and admiration for Joe Breeze, Tom Ritchey And Keith Bontrager, who you mention, as well as Steve Potts, Scot Nicol and Chris Chance - all made names for themselves building beautiful steel MTBs!