The CUSTOM Cross Country RACER

I would habe never expected how this project ends, after pick up. Now, 2,5 years later, this is it. roughly 15k miles transatlantic flight, build, repair, repaint, custom parts - all in, this is a 100% project,

Here is all on the first phase of a bike.

below a quick summary on this first phase.

What happened - I picked it up in US,  when I did a trip tp Marin. Brought back to Germany, I did I heavy clean up and restored the original paint. The build was quite nice, used parts buut best in class as it had to be for my first CCR.

After a while I decided to send it to my painter. After taking the paint of, the message was clear and sad. It rusted through and needed a repair before doing anything with it.

Here some pics from a the holes...:(

The repair

 Next Step, repair. I had to exchange the seat tube and rebuild the bottle cage mounts. the frame also got an extra hole into the BB for any drying when it gets wet . quite interesting, that none of the Potts frame had these,

here some impressions

Back from repair, the new paint at D&D cycles

During the repair period I made the decision to repaint it at D&D Cycles in original color, including the Type II fork and a steel WTB Powerband stem. here is the plan - imho the most perfect paint jobs D&D cycles did. I wanted to combine them.



1.5 years and 8k miles later

I visited D&D cycles to pick up my frame. So kind this guy, Rick Stefanie, the man who painted them all. Even though the flight was long, every mile I came closer with the car after the air port the more excited I got. Here the first view when Rick let me to his chamber - this was goose bump time.

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This was still before the last finish, the DARTs. I had to decide if black or silver, you will see this later. Here are some more impressions from this colourful world.

some of my highlights - a P21 Team and a Willits (next to the Phoenix, Potts Salsa, etc. ...

Thank you Rick!

Master piece of paint BACK IN GERMANY


I made a good use of 1.5 years wait for the paint (yes, unbeliveable, but it was 2x covid, so everything took longer), so when we arrived back, I build the bike straight with all I wanted to put on my perfect Potts CCR custom. here some impressions from the lab and parts

The finish - press, stick, run

It was summer nearly, so after fitting the first parts in the SFB Lab, I decided to finish the build in the sunny garden. Some highlights were the press fit of the BB, the head badge (thank you Steve for this gift) and the WTB decals, to me all part of the concept - this is a fully WTB build.

The headbadge - fitting, Locktite, tape, wait, done.

During the wait time, I did the brakes. These are custom repro Cunningham Swiss cheese brakes. I combine them with original old cams. The brakes are perfectly machined, very small number produced, a bit weird rollers, yes and for sure repro, but still cool.

I like those little details, like cutting the ferrules to match the cable routing

Last strike, the long planned WTB decals. I really like those from the model on the top tube, but also those on my custom WTB / Suntour post, which a very talented friend produced with a Suntour 25.0 post - tube on top, riveted and annodized - e voila, just right for the project. Here some impressions.

nearly finish, this the chain stay brake adjustment left. I like the park tool stand especially for this.

and here she is, POTTS CCR custom & 100%

Some ride shots

DEtails FRAME and Parts




1991 Steve Potts Cross Country Racer



Fork Steve Potts Type II

WTB Powerband 




WTB King


Cunningham styled repro roller cam


XT SL-732

Brake Levers



XT FC-730

Pedals Suntour / XT SPD
Bottum Bracket Press Fit
Derailleur XT 732
Wheels WTB Classic Greasure Guard - Mavic MA 40 MB
Tyres Specialized Ground Control yellow Label / Rene Herse Humptulips
Seat Post WTB / Suntour repro
Saddle Turbo perforated
Grips Magura