Dad´s bike

Breezer Lightning 1993 21"

Bike build in progress - years dont matter, only the story and result

Maybe you read it on my Breezer sub page - Yes, Breezer was my first dream MTB when I was a teenager and my dad´s too.

When my dad once rode my black Breezer Lightning XTR in 21" mentioning this one fits me well, it was clear to me, this blue one will be once his.

I found it on eBay Kleinanzeigen. The first build was a street version, until my day´s statement on the black Ligthning...

Here some pics from the first version and a sunny trip through Hamburg´s harbour

Next round - the true Ritchey Dad version

in progress

On 2016 Christimas then, my dad got a frame and my daugther a carrera . this was fun

The next Christmas he got the parts and then in June, 2018, I put it up.

Unfortunately he was not well this weekend, so we decided to postpone the mechanics. Lets see when we continue.