Customized Wicked 87 Fat City

This 1987 Fat City Cycles Wicked Fat Chance arrived 2018 in my collection, sold by one of the greatest Fat Chance fans I know. After an immediate attempt to build it close to the catalogue (I got the bill and `88 catalogue with it), here a picture from that and the bill


The frame set, beauty as is, brought also very nice Fat Chance and True Temper parts with it. have a look

.... I wasn´t convinced, then some other projects piqued my interest much more. So I decided to sell it again - didn`t work. So it parked in the workshop and it waited quite patient until a key moment, when I saw this build: I thought, wow, maybe I`ll give it a try again with a bit more custom approach.
1988 - Fuck´n Fat Chance Wicked

more details on Bjoernars Fuck´n Fat can be see here  -

The splatter Salsa Pro Moto

At the same time I saw this stem on facebook and the plan started to become clearer.

The Assembly and Parts

Since I built the very patina`ed Steve Potts CCR (link), I´m quite equipped with anti rust measures and extra rust prevention. So did I with the frame

There was also a heavy clean of the actually stuck head set, which ended up in smooth bearings, et voila, just dirt:)

The IRD brakes

By accident, as it usual in classic MTBs :), I found a great combination of IRD brakes. An IRD Progressive U-Brake and an IRD Switch back for the front.

I never mounted the Switchback before, so these manuals became quite helpful. And, imho, they are close to icon for this innovative period of bicyling. 

A friend of mine told me, Rod Moses (founder Interloc Racing Design) produced three different length of the U-Brake. Mine seemed to be the one with the longer arms, this is the reason, why I had to change from the plan using Shimano Bio-Pace to newer SG chain wheels.

The stand up, yeah Wicked

Frame - Components




1987 Fat Chance Wicked - True Temper



Fork 1987 Fat Chance Wicked - True Temper

Salsa Pro Moto Splatter


True Temper

Headset Shimano 6207

Interloc Racing Design IRD Switchback & Progressive U-Brake


Shimano XT 730

Brake Levers Dia Compe 283

Cooks Bros Racing

Pedals Shimano XT 730
Bottum Bracket Fat Chance
Derailleur Shimano XT 730
Wheels XT 730 + Mavic MA 40 MB
Tyres Specialized Ground Control Black Max 1.95
Seat Post Strong
Saddle Specialized
Grips Oury