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Some (initial) closer Looks, more to come

Ritchey Ultra 1988 20"

Original / Arrival

Final Version (Sold to Germany)

1997 - Ritchey Plexus PL155 21"

Original / arrival

Final version (sold to Italy)

1993 Ritchey P-21 Team 18"

Sold to USA, very short ownership in my early collector times)

1994 Ritchey P-21 Team #1P34 Mandarine

Original / Arrival

Final Version (sold to the USA)

Ritchey P-22 Team 18" #8P22

This one is special, since it belonged 10+years ago a German Ritchey Community friend, then it went to UK for quite a while before it then came to me by accident via eBay UK. Actually I just wanted to buy Ritchey Logic cantilever, after the purchase I contacted him asking if he more Ritchey parts. Then he said yes, there is a frame, then it all went right - see the pics

The arrival -

I immediately checked the serial and found this first picture. Then it made sense what the seller wrote on the fork - it has been repainted to match the frame. He actually bought the fork somewhere else and bought only the frame.

Actually this bike was owned by Jörg, an amazing Ritchey dude who still rides the trans Alps with a hard tail. He mentioned this bike was standing for years as new frame in a shop in Munich before he built and ride it for a while and then sold./ it to UK.

Now it was back in Germany :)

Final version (sold to Germany)

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