Salsa a la Carte - 1992


I got this frame shortly after I was so wise to buy the first Salsa a la Carte in white (have a look here). 

To me, Salsa a la Carte are perfect rider with it`s unique geo but at the same time they are classic MTB collectors diamonds with all these cult stories around the Scoobi brand and its maker, Ross Shafer. And of course, they are god dam pretty, especially the Jelly Beans paint

The Radical Racing Geometry

Every report I read on the Salsa a la Carte, names the unique feeling, party polarized. These pictures describes it quite well what makes the difference. The long steerer tube makes you sit comfortably, great on long trailes, but at the same time she climbs like a goat. Here a comparison to the quite sportive Bontrager OR (Link to more details)

MBA - High Speed stability and climbing power

....I seem not to be kamikaze / belong to the group of riders who force the bike though its paces, I really enjoying the longer wheelbase. Thanks MBA 1991 for this report, all the credits belong to you.

The two earlier versions

In comparison to the white, which I straight build and rode it lots and lots, the black in its much better conditon, experienced two earlier versions, I wanted to build it fancy, so I threw some WTB stuff on it - Have a look.

Enough fancy concept, lets go ride

Yes, putting parts to a pretty frame is always nice, when you look forward to the result for weeks (while thinking of it), but with this one it was hard to find the balance to be honest. This frame requires a decent part set, otherwise you are in competition with the nice Jellies.

I decided to use functional parts, orientated a bit on the original with Ritchey parts and a nice wheel set with Mavic MA 40ies. Here the result in action

Made in USA - American Classic

RItchey Logic Power and Stop

Sala Moto Stem & Moto Bar






Salsa a la Carte Columbus tubes




Bontrager Bounded Compisite

Stem Salsa Pro Moto

Salsa Moto Bar


Chris King no logo


Shimano XT 732

Brake Levers

Ritchey Logic Dia Compe


Ritchey Logic Sugino + Ritchey Chain wheels

Pedals Shimano PD 535
Buttom Braked American Classic
Derailleur Shimano XT 732
Wheels Mavic MA 40 MB + XT 730/730 hubs + XT HG cassette 
Tyres Onza
Seat Post Ritchey Logic Force Directional WCS
Saddle Super Turbo white
Grips tba

Let me know your thoughts

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