Ritchey P-21 Team WCS #0P46

The WCS Transformation

The beginning -

Until then I built approx. 10 Ritchey Project Team bikes and actually I thought it is enough, but the eBay searches continued and then it was there - a fillet brazed team bike in 20", my size.
The seller wanted a astronomic price, so I contacted Franscesco. It didn`t take long and we agreed on a price for this beauty.

It spend the last decades in bike shop in the mountains of Italy.

The paint is all original, some wear as it has to be for a bike like this, ridden in the Italian mountains, born approx 1991/92.  The Ritchey Logic Cantilever version 1 indicate the early years of a Ritchey P-Team bike. Other than the tyres, all like the catalogue Ritchey P-22-Team. Perfect, I had to buy it with a fair price via eBay.

P-22 Team from an Italian bike shop

The Idea, my 10th Team, but first team coloured P-21

As said, this was not the first P21 in my collection, but the idea developed more and more, to transform the P-22 into a Ricthey P-21 Team WCS. 
Since the only difference are parts and the decal, the transformation was done on a sunny autumn afternoon in my garden in Hamburg.

The Champagne Dress & catalogue build

It was clear, I wanted to transform the P-22 Team into a Ritchey P-21 Team WCS like in the catalogue.The plan ruled the build, so I had to replace some Logic parts into the beautiful Ritchey Logic W.C.S.


But I also wanted to tune it a bit. Both, Thomas Frischknecht and Hendrik Djerns raced with Hügi hubs made in Germany. Luckily there was a wheel set already here.


In addition I wanted to use not only XT, but also the in the meantime time correct XTR M900 gearing, which work with the Xt 732 thumbies. The matching XTR M900 cassette for the mountains 12-32 was also in stock, so I started the build.


Ritchey Quality Components live

Ready to race - on Tour

Frame and parts details




Ritchey Logic Prestige WCS (Serial #0P46)




Ritchey Quad Butted Logic Prestige


Ritchey Logic WCS


Ritchey ProLite WCS


Ritchey Logic WCS


Shimano XT 732

Brake Levers

Ritchey Logic WCS 


Ritchey Logic Sugino + Ritchey chain wheels

Pedals Ritchey WCS
Buttom Braked Ritchey Logic Pro
Derailleur Shimao XTR M900
Wheels Ritchey Vantage Pro WCS + Hügi Compact (Germany) + Ritchey Spokes + Shimano XTR CS-M900
Tyres Ritchey Force Racing K WCS (the lightest classic Ritchey tyre ever made)
Seat Post Ritchey Logic Force Directional WCS
Saddle Ritchey Logic pro WCS titan
Grips Ritchey Logic WCS

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    Mike G Lienhard (Tuesday, 28 February 2023 02:13)

    Beautiful bike , I just happened to find this site . I've had a new Ritchey P-20 frame still in bubble wrap sitting around for years , I started casually looking around for original parts to build up the bike a couple of years ago and this stuff in mint condition is really tuff to find . Any suggestions other than ebay on where to possibly locate what I might need . Any leads would be great ! Thanks , Mike Lienhard Reno , Nv. USA

  • #1

    JULIO (Monday, 14 October 2019 08:37)

    Amazing bike!!! Congratulations!!!

    A question... What diameter is the seatpost???