Ritchey Timber Comp 1989 #0B688

This frame came to my by accident. A guy on facebook was looking for Ritchey Vantage Comp rims, which I had. after a short chat he mentioned he has a new Ritchey frame, of course I was interested, because it was in 20", my size.

After a few weeks the frame made it to me via the customs and I started unwrapping it.

The origin of the frame was again from Ray Schmal, the Brett Steelman partner, see here the story. This was my first contact to the finder, without knowing he has the Steelmans. 

The Plan

MBA: "excellent in every area of performance"

But a different color

Picture from here

Color from here

The Missing Parts, a search on all channels started

Since this frame was in such a great, NOS condition, I decided to search the original fork and stem. Both fillet brazed masterpieces from Tom Ritchey himself: 

- Force Directional Fillet Brazed Stem with the ritchey-typical Noodle and

- Tange Prestige Fillet Brazed Unicrown fork. 


After many threads and network / community messages, I found the fork on Facebook and the stem was offered to me via a German MTB community , parts and money was involved, even a long shipment from US via Norway to Hamburg, this is Classic MTB enthusiasm foe: Steel Fights Back!

Paint Job

Colour back home

Parts 1989: Sure, XT 732

The very special wheelset

The solid beautiful Timber Comp

GREEN and YELLOW Fillet brazing

Experience the anywhere, do anything

When it comes to riding, I pretty used to Team bikes (see example P21 Team). Steep, hungry, aggressive. The timber comp is more relaxed, I´d say balanced. The key thing to this is the slightly longer steerer tube. Together with the Salsa buldged bar and the Force Comp stem with 15°, the Timber combine all the character aspects of a Tom Ritchey fillet brazed frame - direct, light, slightly flexing, jumpy if you kick it - with an elegant rider for your easy weekend trail. And so we did, the first ride was a family trip (my kid on the P21 Team kids bike - LINK), my wife of the loong and faster Hollandrad and me on the timber. it was a nice easter spin along fields, rivers and less busy city paths. But after the trip I gave here some kicks and she proof what the MBA reported - excellent performance in every area - climbing, descending, cornering and shock absorbing.




Ritchey Logic Prestige WCS (Serial #0B688)




Ritchey Quad Butted Logic Prestige


Ritchey Force fillez brazed


Salsa ProMoto buldged


Shimano XT HP-730


Shimano XT SL-732

Brake Levers

Shimano XT BL-732


Shimano XT FC-730 and Biopace chainwheels

Pedals Shimano XT 730
Bottum Braked Shimano XT BB-732
Derailleur Shimano XT FD-732 XT RD-735 short cage
Wheels Ritchey Vantage & Shimano 600  6400 Tri-Color
Tyres Ritchey Duro K Force 2.0
Seat Post Suntour XC
Saddle Avocet Racing I
Grips Ritchey Logic WCS
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    Matthias (Sunday, 21 June 2020 22:21)

    Es ist von Kia

  • #1

    Lars Renz (Sunday, 21 June 2020 22:16)

    Danke das du mir geantwortet hast.
    Ich hatte mir schon mehrere Kiwi Pearl Farbcodes rausgesucht unter anderen einen von Honda(GY25M) und von Vauxhall(384) aber hätte gerne gewusst was du benutzt hast.
    Da mein 88er Super Comp zwar nicht original aber schick werden soll!�
    Gruss Lars