The Worley machine. Yeti FRO 380

Project in progress

This project turns from a - ok, my last Yeti was pretty, but too small AND, I didn`t build it to a fascinating complete restauration.

I´m honest, I do have a preference to build them, which is also why I started this website to report on the history. 

I found the Yeti when I was surfing my standard German Craiglist local searches. And BAAM, there was a 20" Yeti. It looked nice and best situation, I knew the owner well. I contacted him and we found we do have similar interests, a nice conversation started. Thanks Gunther. 


As always, I ran down my questions. Is it original paint, were does it come from, do you know anything from the previous owner. But all I got was - bought it, was repainted, no serial number.


But I knew already to look for the drop outs, the seat clamp & co - which I missed with my first and never was able to reconstruct history and origin. But this one looked good, there was all on it what I learned - top tube round, Simplex drop puts, seat stay, the clamp, nice...

The Arrival

The local Ad

The unwrapped parcel

 After the arrival, I digged a bit deeper in the Yeti World. Martin´s Secondspin page was indeed the perfect source for this LINK.

What I also found here was to watch for the portage straps. I also wanted to know the year, since a couple of my friends told me this a big frame is likely an early Yeti. To proof this, I did it, I scratched color away from the BB and found the 380. But no XR?

A Yeti Yak from 1987?

After that, my first assumption, It is an early YETI YAK.

I loved the idea and started searching the parts - White Bullseye crank and hubs. I even found a FTW - Frank The Welder Stem and NOS White Porcs Most came from this nice dude, Jason, but also a big thank you Kevin for the crank and the massively kind Yogi from the German forum. 

For while, I was so happy to build this, I forgot to finalise my research of the frame.
But Martin told me perfectly right, it has no rack mounts

The Worley Plan


The plan to build the Worley race bike was born after this moment of frustration. At the end, Martin´s page drove me to that. The article on the early Yeti´s is a great piece of history documentation with nice pics  - this was and is very motivating, even though the parts seem to be impossible to find - Cook Bros Crank and hubs as well as Carbon Sushi bar:(



In the meantime, I send the frame to Cycle Art Berlin (see details here). The found of the Worley plan lead to a change of the white to turquoise. Gerrit came up with this genius idea to clear coat the serial after I requested to only put thin color on it to see the serial. After paint

A fraction of the shining color

Here some impressions from the painting. Very nice to see again the details - the Simplex drop outs, the the different cable routing FTW stem, the round top tube, even some fillet brazing.

One little piece is missing - the Campagnolo drop outs from the fork, but I think I can live with that.

The super rare parts search

looking at the part list, obviously the Cook Bros Racing parts worried be the most - crank, Sushi bar AND hubs But luckily, 2/3 somehow popped up

Cook Bros Racing Crank 1995


The found

Cook Bros Racing Sushi bar Fiber

Source: with me


Cook Bros MTB Hubs with QR


to be continued...a teaser