A teenage dream and the re-entry into classic MTBs

A Breezer Lightning was THE mountain bike in my youth, unfortunately 100% out of reach
I always was in MTBs, but more the mid class segment riding Stevens and Peugeot.

Approx 20 years later, after finishing my studies, starting to work, found my wife, just became father, in our first vacation in Italy, I installed eBay to search for the brands of my youth, Breezer, Syncros and Race Face.

I found this, a naked Breezer Lightning

The first period, hybrid MTBs for the city

I built two street bikes,the 94' Breezer Lighting and a Ritchey P23 Team. Both pretty similar builds. Both fast, but yes, far away from my developing approach to rebuild and maintain the cult.

3 years later, the first real catalogue close build

Breezer Lightning Flash 1991 JB43

Breezer Lightning 1994

... former & featured Breezer