Colour your heart - Thanks Cycle Art Berlin

This article is on an artist, my painter. Gerrit is the man behind Cycle Art Berlin.
I wanted to introduce him by sharing the latest frames arrived here. Gerrit painted already a couple of frames, see gallery below, but those really hit my classic heart!

This was in September, before packaging the three frames.
Usually I sent the bikes to Gerrit, the genius painter, not 100% sure which color I want.
His queue is looong, which is understandable and what really like is, that you can decided until the very last moment on the color, even influence it while painting. here some impressions from these three.

The briefing

This picture and bike is from Rumpy -
I wanted to buy this last year, but didn`t I should have done this. If I had the chance again, I would do it now straight away.

The 380 found and Plan

After I found my Yeti was a very early (Yeti bike serial start with 3xx), It was clear, I need to rebuild and paint it according the Worley race bike - see more here

The paint process

The frames always first get cleaned and sand coated, amazing what this uncovers.

A fraction of the shining color



I was so happy, when he found the Ritchey Plexus serial - see here more

A Fraction of the shining Colur

After I told Gerrit on the serials to preserve them, he came up with this amazing idea.


Yeti FRO 380 Serial

Ritchey Serial

The Arrival

The day after - Colour your heart

Thanks Gerri

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