my size, my parts, my final falcon build

Project in progress

This Merlin came to my again from the Steelman Will as trade - we seem to have an complementary taste and size...

Actually I was proud having my Merlin #721 and it´s WTB plan. This bike was perfect, except the size. Suddenly Will send me this picture, stating he found a amazing Merlin, but it is to big for him

WIll´s first version

Only a couple of weeks later, I received these pics - Will complied a nice Merlin Mountain version with the suspension fork and board instruments, the parts from the found. yes, and an IRD Widget fron brake. Pretty.

the perfect size

A few days later the trade started, when I received these pictures - too big, Will took off the parts ("I will try to find a smaller one"). I knew who had the smaller he wanted, my Merlin 721 had the perfect size for him. And the #398 with it´s

  • Seat tube: 19.5" Center-Center
  • Top Tube : 22.5x" Center-Center
  • Steerer: 6"

the perfect size for me.

to be continued ... arrival in germany and planning

Photos by oldschoolracing . Ch